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Intuition, art, and energy are combined in a special formula to achieve the life you want and deserve. You don't need to be an artist you just need to be open to receiving. Elizabeth will take you from beginner to Master Intuitive Artist in her special signature program. Get on the waitlist!

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Peace ꩜ Love ꩜ Joy ꩜ Happiness ꩜ Wisdom ꩜ Creativity ꩜ Freedom ꩜ Healing

Hi, I'm Elizabeth! Are you ready to embark on a future filled with Peace, Joy, and Happiness? Are you open to new creative codes?

“ I have been taking Elizabeth’s online art classes and just had to write to share my excitement and gratitude.
As someone who has never been able to draw, I am just blown away by my success!
Elizabeth breaks the pictures down into step by step shapes on the page that anyone can master.
I find her classes to be the highlight of my week. It’s my calm, quiet ME time that brings me peace and confidence. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

Lisa Wozniak

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Sonali Fiske

Elizabeth Sampson is such a compassionate & needed voice on our air waves right now. I have been privileged to be interviewed by her & have experienced her collaborative & co-creative spirit first hand. So much of what she offers the community in terms of content is packed with resources and tools to help you self-heal & trust your own intuitive guidance. I have benefited from her own unique feminine wisdom & the enriching guests she has on her show, time & time again. 

Dr. Andrew Iverson, ND

Trillium Health

Elizabeth Sampson is a born messenger helping to bring truth to seekers everywhere. As an interviewer she is fun, light-hearted, down-to-earth, and sincerely pursuing answers for those wanting to know more. Her audience will be excited to share in the discovery as she creates intrigue asking the questions that listeners want to hear. It was a pleasure to be a part of this beautiful project as it unfolds knowledge unto others. Thank you Elizabeth for the opportunity.”
Andrew Iverson ND, author Nature’s Diet,
Medical Director TRILIUM HEALTH, Tacoma, WA

Tamara Gerlach

Thank you for such a wonderful interview on your show. I am usually nervous going into LIVE radio interviews, but from the very beginning I was delighted to feel your warmth and grace. You are so wonderful to work with, and I appreciate that you took the time to read my book and ask insightful questions. Our interview flowed easily and the hour passed so quickly. I had a blast with you and felt like I was talking to my best friend. Being a part of your show was one of the high points of my career as an author.
I love listening to your shows, thank you for all that you offer the world, you are truly radiant!
Love and Blessings,
Tamara Gerlach

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