Spirit Guide Drawings:

When we use our hands to create works of art we channel our inner spirit. The flow is graceful, effortless, and freeing. When I create I loose all sense of time and space. I know not where I am in reality but where I am in spirit. Like a ball of energy floating in the ethers, my soul is the one channeling the creative forces and a masterpiece is formed at the end of my fingertips.  Others may not see this as a masterpiece but I know it is divinely created. Created with my soul and the universal force known as God. The simple creations are formed to heal those that come in contact with them.

It has taken me a long time to realize that I am not the driving force behind the creation but that it is something bigger than me. It is an unseen force of love, passion, and oneness. I am not the one creating the creation but instead I am just the vehicle used to deliver the divine message that will be given to the one it is intended for.

During our session I will connect with the divine spirit that is guiding you along your journey. Once I connect I will begin drawing what I see, hear, and feel. Each creation is alive with its own soul and it is this energetic coding that attracts the person in need of the healing that this creation can deliver.

I will be opening this back up again this year starting in January 2018. If you would like to receive a spirit drawing follow my periscope channel, Elizabeth Sampson RN or @ESampsonRN. You can also catch me at http://www.periscope.tv/@ESampsonRN.

Private Drawing Sessions:

If you would like a private drawing session sign up on my calendar and schedule your session. Sessions are approximately 30 minutes to an hour if you would like to sit and view the drawing being created we can connect via periscope or zoom. Each of this applications are free to use. Specify which platform you prefer at time of purchase.  It will take a few days for me to turn it into a pdf or jpeg and then I will email it to you.


Elizabeth Sampson is a beautiful soul with a beautiful gift. Her spirit drawings are actually a reading/channeled art combo. She connects with both your spirit and one of your guides. Elizabeth gently delivers the messages that come to her while you watch her draw the image she is given of the one speaking to you.
It was such a lovely experience for me. I hope, if you are reading this for the first time, that you will contact Elizabeth and share the experience. I highly recommend it! Why should you? Is she accurate? Let me tell you….
As we began, Elizabeth said a very lovely woman was shown to her. She, the guide, had Elizabeth say that she has been with me, particularly when I’m outdoors and connecting to Nature. Among other things, she encouraged me to do more healing work outside. When I asked if the guide would reveal herself to me, the answer was, “Yes, but don’t anticipate it.” During all this, Elizabeth drew the woman with a band around her head that has a cross-like pendant with a special look to its center that dangles in the middle of her forehead, much like the third eye.
So that evening, I went outside to sit by the lake and broadcast some streaming video. When I watched it the next day, I noticed some branches between two trees that framed the center of the picture. They made what looked like a woman’s long eyelashes at the bottom of her eyes. As I looked at them, I suddenly saw other branches formed the cross pendant! I immediately took a screen shot of the video and compared it to the scanned image of the drawing. They matched! I was astounded.
Yes, Elizabeth is “the real deal.” Thank you, Elizabeth!
John Catlin

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have some time with you. It was a lovely experience and one that I had never had before. Connecting with my guides has always been so intriguing to me and also something that I actively do in meditation. I ask for their guidance, support, clear messages and love. It is so unique to have this drawing to be able to resonate with a physical manifestation of that energy and work on remembering images of her from my childhood and also be present to be aware of her in my current space and time. I loved the messages that came through as well. They provided me with clarity and comfort. I have more tools to experience in my meditation from my experience with you. So many blessings to you for sharing your gift and making it available to others.

Tara Manna

I just wanted to say that I had the most amazing reading with Elizabeth M Sampson-Reiki today. She was in Get Seen Get Paid and I knew she was gifted but I never got to actually experience her gift for myself. I am blown away! All the messages that were coming through her were so accurate and exactly what I need to hear right now. She really helped me connect to my purpose even more and also connected me to one of my spirit guides through her spirit drawings! I can’t wait to have the picture for my house! She takes love donations for her readings, if I were you I would sign up for one ASAP!

Aditi Ramchandani

I absolutely loved my reading ty ty!!!!!!😍❤️🌺Thank so much for doing this for me !!! It helped me out sooooo much!! You are absolutely amazing!!! I have taken what you said and put it to work … Staying positive every day 😊 I am so very grateful for this !!!’


Rave Review: I had the most magnificent blessing on the eve of April 7th. I tuned into DrMichelle Walker’s Periscope broadcast which was delightful as she had 2special guest to include Elizabeth who was sitting behind Dr Michelle off in a corner doing drawings. When my reading was done she handed to Dr Michele and I almost fell out of my chair…the image was a feminine reflection of a Soul Portrait I have of a very dear friend(my beloved). The link was the 3rd eye symbol on Elizabeths picture and Dr Michelle blurted out 3rd eye and that’s a name I call my friend “Mr 3rd Eye”. This confirmed our kindred connection I feel..I have felt we are from the same soul family perhaps twin flame .. I will cherish these forever. Elizabeth your gift is destined to touch many to help them “Remember” who they are.

Chakra Wanda