Are you looking for a form of exercise that you can do at any age?

Do you tell yourself that you are too old to exercise, or your joints hurt so you can’t exercise, or I am too out of shape?

Well, I have an exercise that you can do at any age, any gender, and in any shape!!!

Can you guess what it is?





Start Hula Hooping!


Have a Hula Hoop Workshop


Hula Inspiration!

As a Registered Nurse, I was very honored to be accepted into the Flow Arts Nurses Association, (FANA).

Working in this stressful but rewarding profession for many years, I only wish I knew about Flow Arts and hula hooping! Maybe if I did I would not have been so burned out or stressed out that I would have been able to stay working and serving those that needed me. As A nurse in the hospital, I worked 8-12 hour shifts that always turned into 16-hour shifts with mandatory overtime. Having only 8 hours to drive home sleep and come back to work again. If I had a joyful practice such as hula hooping I may have been able to release the stress I felt. That is why I resonated so well with FANA.

I have felt so much joy since the day I picked up this beautiful decorative circle! I have laughed and giggled every time I place this around my waist. Who would have known that this game I played as a child really could follow me into adulthood and give me so much joy! Currently, I own two beautiful hoops. One is a dance hoop that is 1.5 pounds created by Yvonne Downing. Make no mistake this is challenging learning to keep this hoop up and learn all the wonderful moves you can make with this hoop. I also have a beautiful 5.5-pound luxury fitness power hoop created by none other than the peri hula-hoop queen herself Mrs. Deena Farrell. Termed as the baby gut-buster it is and does what the name implies. Then there is Yoga with the hula hoop! Created by the HoopYogini herself, Ms. Jocelyn Gordon. This form of hula hooping merged with yoga gives you the best of both worlds. Mindful meditation and movement along with stretching to benefit your mind, body, and spirit!



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