Healing Wall of Doodles

Created by the DoodleScope Participants

Every night I looked forward to Elizabeth’s doodle therapy sessions on Periscope! It’s a fun hang out spot where we can chat, unwind, and release stress while tapping into our intuitive senses with colors.


Dream Coach, Day Dreamers International

Tamiko McCurry

Latanya Rene

💕💕There are roads we must travel.. there may be mountains to climb. There is growth in the valley ..but the eyes of the divine transcend over time.. keep listening ..Allow and Rise💕💕Chakra Wanda January 2018

Chakra Wanda

Elizabeth is a talented artist, art teacher, and truly a gifted intuitive. Who helped me to unlock and remember my doodling skills which I haven’t done in a long time.
When she scoped a few nights ago on Jan 31, 2018, Elizabeth had asked me to try doodling with her and others on Periscope. So I drew a female cat with a heart face that said meow heart on it and right after she ended her scope, I wrote a song that very same evening.
My definition of doodling is tapping into your creativity, especially your intuition, and making a connection with yourself through music even. To me it’s also a form of meditation.
So if you’re ever wanting a drawing from Elizabeth or even taking a doodling class with her, I recommend it because you’ll learn a lot. I know I’m going to take her class when I get a chance.
Fusion of Tarot


My Word is breath. Sometimes I just need to breathe. Take a minute relax and release. Underneath the word breath is worry trying to birth. Worry has no structure. Its chaos for the mind. But once you allow calm to settle you, then you can relax, release breath and let it go. When you breathe, the fragrance called “everything is going to be alright” is in the air.

Kimberly V Morrison

Theresa Conlon

My daughter and I enjoyed doodling with Elizebeth. This was first time doodling. She enjoyed the music and Elizebeth soothing voice. It was nice quality spending time doodling together.

Sandra M

“I am excitedly surprised with myself doing doodles after following Elizabeth’s Doodle Therapy scopes. This was my very first project. The word is “REST” which I acronymed as “…it’s ok to just R.E.S.T.
(Restore Everyday Starting Today).So it has become a “Journey Into Healing”. What I noticed is the highway of thoughts seem to dissipate. My breathing mellows down. It’s essentially a “ meditation”. Now I’m intrigued about learning lettering but at the same time something within says just “let go” and let the process unfold. Now I find myself in the craft section of a store standing in the isle drooling over markers. I could go on but, I’ve got 2 more doodles I’m working on and I need to get back to them. My sacred time. Thanks Elizabeth see in the Doodle Therapy Scope.

Chakra Wanda

International Spiritual Stress Reduction Specialist

I love doodling with Elizabeth because she says their are no rules in doodling thats why i love it.

Anand Kumar

While I was exploring the Periscope app as a new scope participant in January 2018 I came upon Elizabeth Sampson in one of her doodling broadcasts. As I like to color and was recently inspired by a friend to do more creative expression, the timing of “meeting” Elizabeth was perfect. I love water color pencils and had the intention of playing with some words for 2018. So, I am hanging out with Elizabeth on Periscope and have loved the relaxing environment and open conversation that takes place. I am currently focusing on the element of color and now am inspired to do participate in more doodling techniques. I’m encouraged when she says, “The only rule in doodling is that there are no rules.” This is my kind of creative space. The above word doodles were done by first using water color pencils to put color on water color cold press paper. Then I used a brush to wash the color with water. When dry I then use markers and might include additional made embellishments (butterflies were a purchase). Doodling, allowing the creative expression to find itself on the page, is a beautiful act for one’s spirit. I look forward to more opportunities to observe Elizabeth’s process, and style, and participate in the discussion in the creative space she holds.

Kelly Jo Eveleth

Doodling the word Faith. I was just going with the flow! I say, that I am a woman of faith! I have strong convictions and my faith takes me to different heights. I have faith in God, myself and humility. I feel like sometime my Faith can move mountains! I Love that Elizebeth was able to be intuitive and express exactly what she saw my Angel is telling me. I am very thankful for her gift! Elizebeth is a blessings!

Sandra M

Thank you for the inspiration to bring this page of my 2018 journal alive 💕💕💕

Ghosty Gyrl

Kelly J Eveleth


My experience with doodling with Elizabeth, has been an amazing experience. I had an opportunity to share with my son, Elizabeth Doodling the word Rest. My son and I took a moment to doodle. My son and I have been struggling a bit with rest. He is sleeping in his bed, however sometimes he calls me in the middle of the night is hard for me to get rest. So, one night we both watch Elizabeth doodling the Word Rest and it was so relaxing. We were able to doodle, the word and he was able to color it. Now the drawing is by his bed. We say our prayers at night and looking at the word REST reminds us to get that peaceful sleep. I want to thank Elizabeth for reminding me to take the time and embrace Our gift of doodling. When Looking at her doodling, is peaceful and has a healing nature to it. Eliizebeh, has a very beautiful spirit and has amazing grace. Her gift is amazing and glad she is sharing it with so many. I, am thankful for her to inspire me to draw with my son. It been an amazing experience looking forward to more inspired drawings.

Sandra M.

Mother of Lucas

Ameerah Ali

I happened to drop in on Elizabeth’s Periscope broadcast on doodling. She was talking about how beneficial it is to doodle and encouraged me to start doodling. I decided to join in that night and created my own doodle it was very relaxing. Thank you Elizabeth I’m going to do this every night to help me wind down and it will also stimulate the creativity in me

Kim Wende

Sandra M

Thanks, Elizabeth, for these wonderful Doodle Scopes! They are so inspiring and give us a dedicated time to concentrate on creativity. I was so excited to create my first doodle with “gratitude”. It really took me to another place where I lost track of time and just focused on being in the moment. After deciding the type of image that I would design, I began drawing and then it turned into something completely different! What a beautiful experience to be reminded that your intuition knows best.

Romola Breckenridge

Grateful for Elizabeth’s Doodle Scopes. They have helped me journey beyond the lines of creativity

Chakra Wanda

To my surprise, when I went on periscope at 9PM on a Saturday evening to catch Elizebeth doodling. I got so Happy, I ran to get my crayons and paper. I just started drawing and doodling. I was so happy to see the word Heaven. I am a woman of Faith and to see that word just brought so much peace. As I, was doodling I thought of my love ones in heaven. After I was done with the doodle. I saw something amazing. The little E near the N Reminded me of one of my Angels up in heaven. One of my angels called Baby Buttons, was remind tonight throw the doodle. I, was 8 weeks pregnant when I lost her. First, time pregnant. The Baby E look like a fetus developing. I was blessed to have seen her in a sonogram. I am blessed with two beautiful children. I know Baby Buttons is one of my Angels. Doing this doodle gave me a little piece of heaven. Thank You Elizabeth.


Doodling tonight and seeing that word is a confirmation to listen to the still voice that has inner peace and mind! Listen to good vibrations and go with it!


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